Hi Internet (again)!

So… uhm.

Ya! Hey It’s January! And it’s time to the resolutions thing. Yey! Guess what’s mine?

It was actually my last year’s resolution to write stuff again. I set myself to one blog post per week. BUT NO! I had failed. I had failed just to even start it.

I just had been reminded to write again by my last year’s to-do notes (thank you me-from-the-past). So, yeah, I think making a list of a year’s to-dos is an effective way of reminding what minus-one-year you were thinking and/or geeking about, what to-dos you had failed to do, and what  to-dos do you really want to pursue.

I really want to write. But I don’t think I’m any good at it. My native language is not even English. I don’t even had a background in writing, or trained to put words to sense. I don’t really know how to gauge my self so I’ll just write and hope that the audience that spent time reading it might not be disappointed. I hope you will not be.

Jake the Dog

My Past Blog

I had blogged before. Oh, the good old college days. Manila yet to be wholly discovered. I had a blog before on a social media platform called Multiply (rest in internet peace) and back-reading it after I stopped blogging was like reading a weird kids diary. I don’t even know my past self. Was I that weird? Ugh. But the poetry was really good (for a High-school Graduate XD).

Having that found out, I learned what things I wouldn’t want to write. I want to write what present-me will approve and what future-me will be nostalgic about (HOW NOSTALGIC ARE YOU NOW, HUH? DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT NOSTALGIA MEANS??) And yeah, less parenthesis.

I’ve had problems on using the parentheses. I often use them as a comeback for what I’m writing, when reading it goes too boring, or too weird, to a point that sometimes I feel the words in the parenthesis are thoughts of another person (Yeah, right. Spell “weirdo”). See. It may be just a style. Or maybe They don’t need parenthesis at all. I need guidance in this. Grammar Nazis are very welcome (not the true Nazis of course).

Another one of my problems is that I write because I’m geeking out. I tend to geek out on something and when I start to write about it, I just loose control. Words would just miraculously pile up. I’ll review it after some time and all I’ll see are sentences of geeking out that doesn’t make any sense. The right adjective is what we call “umay” (ooh-may). That’s not good

And, I also have big problems with punctuation marks. Was that comma after “And” suppose to be there?

I predict this blog would agitate a lot of Grammar Nazis.

Why just now? It’s the third week already (a year and 3 weeks actually).

I got stumped with work. It’s better late than never, right? Specifics on work will have to wait for later. I have to reserve something to blog about.

I just had started the blog!

I started a blog. There’s no turning back now. 52 blogs for the whole year. Re-blogs not counted.  No restrictions for free-writing but serious essays, a minimum of one for two month. Photo-journals are counted, but it had to be a photo-journal. Do lame poems count?

Hope you’ll have fun reading.